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Next-Gen Marketing Suite​

Hemicube Services

Hemicubes next-gen marketing suite offers an end-to-end solution designed for lead generation, customer services, market intelligence, and reporting. This suite of services has been built in conjunction with marketing and business development departments to cover all the areas needed to meet marketing and lead generation KPI’s.

Hemicubes next-gen marketing suite includes the following technologies, which are integrated into a custom web application for ease of use:

AI-based conversations:

Hemicube’s AI chatbots give a human touch to every conversation it strikes up. The bot is designed to understand a vast amount of user queries and trigger accurate, relevant responses similar to the way humans can understand each other’s queries to respond accordingly.

Hemicube’s AI chatbots are fed custom conversation scripts related to the organization’s service offering at the base level. These scripts are then interpreted and translated into relevant outcomes, such as responding to user questions or qualifying a query.

Throughout the development phase, where conversations will be running automatically, the AI bot will learn the best outcomes for queries related to the chatbots objective. For example, if the Chatbot is designed for new-lead generation, it will mine through thousands of conversations to calculate which manner of approach is most effective. Over time, the Chatbot trains itself to understand context through several algorithms that involve tagging parts of speech, ultimately resulting in supplying marketing teams with qualified leads and opportunities.

Once a conversation has reached its predefined criteria (for example, a lead), the chat is then handed over to the relevant agent mobile phone (via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger) to ensure a rapid and qualified response. In conjunction, the opportunity is automatically created in the CRM system with all relevant fields inputted to ease the reporting process.

Machine learning and Natural Language Processing:

Our AI chatbots are trained to operate independently, using a process known as Natural Language Processing, or NLP, combined with artificial intelligence and the annotation of human data.

Integrating Natural Language Processing is what gives our chatbots their human touch. NLP is essentially a technological process that allows computers to derive meaning from user text inputs. Doing so creates the capabilities needed to understand the intent of the input, rather than just the information about the intent itself, resulting in more meaningful and informative conversations.

With NLP, we train the Chatbots through the various interactions they will go through to calculate the best responses to output. For the most part, training consists of providing examples of content it will encounter.

Our chatbots have been pre-trained for multiple fields and industries. Hemicube will customize it based on your data to understand your business.

Web crawler:

Hemicube’s web crawler is custom-built to index information from any website available on the internet. It is designed to pull information from sites related to your customer and product-base to relay valuable information that can be used for marketing campaigns and intelligence-based decision making.

Hemicube bots are predominantly operated by search engines. By applying a search algorithm to the data collected by web crawlers, search engines provide relevant links in response to user search queries, generating the list of webpages that show up after a user types a search into Google, Firefox, Bing (or another search engine).