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Our People

We make sure to exclusively hire the best profiles, researchers, PhDs holders and engineers that  understand infrastructure, security, platform, data management and business intelligence.


Mehdi El Haissane

Commercial Director

Dr. Zakaria Sabti

Director - Digital Transformation

Mimoun Assraoui

NON-executive director

Dr. Abdeslam Jakjoud

Director - Research and Innovation

Nathaniel Taylor

Commercial Director

Ramal Ali

Operations Director

Mhamedi Ahmed Mehdi

Head of Marketing

Omar El Khazraji

Account Director

Ezra Taylor

Research and Development

Ouiam Hamidi

Executive Research Analyst

Ahmed Samatar

Contracts Manager

Nuria García

Project Coordination - Team Lead

Bhavik Patel

Data Analyst

Fatima Zahra Jakjoud

IoT Architect and Developer

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