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Internet Of Things

Hemicube’s IoT Service


IoT solutions are complex and multi-faceted. From prototype to production, our expertise – along with our collection of hardware, software, and accelerators will help you expedite your  IoT journey.

What is Internet of Things ?

IoT (Internet of Things) devices are pieces of hardware, such as sensors, actuators, appliances, or machines, that are programmed for specific applications and can transmit data over the internet or other networks. They can be embedded into other mobile devices, industrial equipment, environmental sensors, and more.


IoT devices are increasingly using AI and machine learning to bring intelligence and autonomy to systems and processes. Many of these devices are small, power- and cost-constrained microcontroller-based systems. Connected equipment in manufacturing, retail, supply chain, agriculture, healthcare, and many other industries creates more data streams and analytics potential for organizations to work with.


While the most obvious use cases for IoT revolve around efficiency, productivity, and process monitoring, we are increasingly seeing companies recognize the scope for it to provide them with information about their customers and how they use their products along with internal data related to how the business operates. This new way of creating data and integrating it with AI platforms organizations to operate in ways never seen before by opening new doors to remain perpetually competitive.

Hemicube defines the most suitable IoT landscape for any organization type or size to kick start its IoT journey. Our qualified IoT engineers will take an in-depth approach to understand your current internal setup and capabilities and prepare an in-depth solution to meet your specific business requirements to accelerate your time to market.